When the Strange Things Come

One aspect of daily religious and occult practice I forgot is the kicking up of “strange.” It starts out small. One night, I got out of bed to grab a pair of socks and was hit by a shot of cold, so intense my whole body started shaking. HARD.  I dove back under the blankets so fast I barely remember crossing the room.

The small things quickly become more significant such as computer screens scrambling at the same time or phone alarms going off when they weren’t set. Strange, loud, noises that cause both you and your partner to look at each other in the way that says “I heard that. You heard that. Let’s pretend we didn’t. Black Mirror tonight? Awesome.”

Of course, I know this means it’s time for me to do some banishing and cleansing work but in a way, it feels good to have these occurrences, and these energies, in my home. The steady hum of the “other” permeates every room and provides tangible evidence of my work drawing the veil back and merging my world with that of the spiritual.

I think the coming of the strange is one of those little nuggets; a goal post if you will. You don’t want to chase this landmark, but when little things do begin to happen the knowledge of the expectation could provide a boost in the desire to continue the practice.

I have been instructed to maintain this blog, and as I’ve become serious about fulfilling this aspect of my initiation/service (I legitimately have no idea which path I am taking with this), I’ve come to realize this is more of a magical diary than anything else. A place for me to track my failures and successes.

By this weekend, the Strange Things will either be gone or at least occur a lot less frequently but to know they are here has been invigorating in its way.


The Debts We Pay

The problem with incurring debts from deities and spirits is this; they will expect you to deliver and it will be on your mind every day until you fulfill your end of whatever bargain you struck. Or, as is the case with this current blog, it will be on your mind every day because there is no end in sight.

I previously wrote on spirituality, paganism, and religion before but pulled the plug because I felt I had reached the end of that period in my life. Here recently, however, I have asked for something big, probably the biggest request I have ever made, and the debts incurred have been large and I have a feeling the tasks set before me aren’t only about keeping a promise but tracking my evolution as I continue this path.

My current practices have taken a dramatic shift. I am working more with planetary magic, divination, ceremonial ritual, and ancestor worship. My religion remains Dionysian at the core, but other entities have made themselves known to me as well. Primarily Lucifer and it’s Lucifer who instructed me to begin writing again- a fitting debt considering I had no interest in writing again at all.

But isn’t that how it seems to be? When I began my relationship with Dionysos I worked in theatre for years despite not enjoying it and doing everything in my power to move into another field. Lucifer came into my life due to performing research on him for someone else. If that doesn’t smack of something that seems like irony but isn’t I don’t know what does.

In the end, I have no idea what this blog is going to be about. I have no idea what direction it is going to go in. All I know is this is the first post. A first of many I imagine and that kind of worries me.